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I AM REALLY MILEY RAY CYRUS.....ok ??? People who don't believe me,delete me,ok ??? ~ Nick Love you

Hello Gyus !!!

anahinajbolja | 23 Septembar, 2009 13:47

Hello people, I'm actually Miley Cyrus, and I would really ask you not to visit my page in how we do not believe! OK? I also prayed that if you hate me do not write ugly comments on my blog okay? please!


Ok ... So .... My full name is Miley Ray Cyrus and I live in Los Angeles who is in California!! I am a singer, but much like to play ... I have a younger sister Noah Cyrus and brother Trace Cyrus ... my mom called Tish Cyrus and dad Billy Ray Cyrus ....

I love my city, I love the life I love and my best friends such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ash Tisdale, Demi Lovato ........

This page I made so I was closer fans and people who love me ... oh, that! I got Facebook where my name is Miley Cyrus RealDeal and we also have another page on Facebook and there are call Shmiley Ray Cyrus .....

If we do not believe that I am, just ask and will be able to see .... kiss for all believers and fans .... <3 Love you gyus <3 Smile



I am a rock star <3 ya

There is on TCA 2009 <3 cool <3



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